Our Amazing Team

  • Ramona Faith, MSN RN

    Ramona Faith, MSN RN

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Andrew Koblick, BA Finance

    Andrew Koblick, BA Finance


  • Erin Howseman

    Erin Howseman

    Executive Assistant/Board Clerk

  • Leenie Atwood

    Leenie Atwood

    Administrative Assistant/Finance and HR

  • Betty Daniels

    Betty Daniels

    Administrative Assistant


  • Erin Hawkins, MS

    Erin Hawkins, MS

    Director of Community Health

  • Tina Deason

    Tina Deason

    Healthquest Coordinator and Instructor

  • Tami Bender

    Tami Bender

    Lifeline Home Service Representative, Healthquest Instructor, and HeartSafe Community Lead Role

  • Daniella Bonovitch

    Daniella Bonovitch

    Lifeline Customer Service Representative

  • Jeanne Cappa

    Jeanne Cappa

    Lifeline Office Coordinator and Billing

  • Dave Decker

    Dave Decker

    Lifeline Home Service Representative and Customer Service Representative

  • Barbara

    Barbara "Babs" Heron-Berti

    Lifeline Home Service Representative


  • Robin Giles

    Robin Giles

    Lifeline Home Service Representative, Healthquest instructor


  • Bob Pawlan

    Bob Pawlan

    Lifeline Home Service Representative


  • Angela McGlade

    Angela McGlade

    Staff Accountant