Mary GuzSan Anselmo

My husband had his first bout with angina when he was only 49 years old while riding on his mountain bike. With a family history of heart disease he went immediately to a cardiologist where he was diagnosed with coronary artery disease after an angiogram and angioplasty. Since that time, he has undergone 8 angioplasties; fortunately he has never had a heart attack. Because I was traveling a fair amount for my job, I was concerned that something more serious could happen to him while I was away and he could not get to a telephone to call for help.

We decided to get Lifeline a few years ago knowing that if he was having chest pains or any other symptoms, all he had to do was press a small button that he wears on a wrist band and within seconds someone is on the line with him to see if he needs help. They can call a friend or emergency service depending on his needs. What a relief it has been for both of us. Even if he is in the shower he can still get help as the button is waterproof

The cost seems minimal to us at only a little over $1 a day for the peace of mind. Now I can continue to do my work and know that he is in the best of hands having Lifeline.



Alice RebizzoPetaluma

It has been my pleasure to be associated with Lifeline for many years. This started in the early 1980's when I was employed at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. The hospital provided Lifeline as a community service and asked my parents to participate. My father had this service until his death at 97 years of age in 1985. My mother continued with the Lifeline service until her death at 90 years of age in 1990. They also participated in photos for a Lifeline brochure. I am a second generation Lifeline participant both in promotional materials and the service.

Now many of my friends make use of this call system and I, too, have subscribed to Lifeline since having had a small stroke in April 2010. Both my parents had occasion to use this help button. I, of course, hope to never need its use. But, I certainly feel secure with it always ready either around my neck or on my wrist.

Also, important are the new ideas that Lifeline will bring to the clients such as the AutoAlert help button and the Medication Dispensing Service.



Betty WhiteLos Angeles